About the Report

The second annual study by KingramRed reveals 90% of established Irish organisations are slow to embrace change and are not investing in advanced digital technologies.

Every organisation is facing digital disruption. This year’s report assesses how organisations are responding to the challenges of an increasingly digital environment.

Key Statistics

  • -Boards and senior management are not developing a vision of their digital future – 60% of companies do not have an agreed vision of the future and know what success will be in a digital world.
  • -While almost every company believes that the customer experience is of vital importance to their business, only 25% have mapped the customer journey.
  • -50% of organisations believe that they do not have the skills and resources that they need to manage their digital initiatives.
  • -Although big data and analytics are now mainstream 35% of organisations still do not have this capability.
  • -90% of organisations have yet to investigate the use of advanced digital technologies such as AI and Robotics

Expert Insight

The 24-page 2017 report contains insight and comment from C-Suite executives from over 40 organisations including PLCs, Irish subsidiaries of multinationals, privately held companies, commercial semi-state companies, NGO’s and a number of state agencies.

Report Features

  • Leadership Challenges
  • Skills and Resource Shortage
  • Customer Experience and Expectations
  • Advanced Digital Technologies – investment timeline

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