Our Approach

At KingramRed we know how much leadership matters. We are trusted by companies facing digital disruption to help them make the senior-level leadership decisions that have a lasting and transformative impact on their business.

Lead from the front: The CEO and senior team must champion change

Through our KingramRed Intensives and leadership advisory programmes, we help companies focus on the real challenges facing them in today’s digitally led economy.

We believe that companies need to step back before embarking on any digital transformation initiative and align the leadership team around the current operating reality of the company. We work with companies to uncover any preconceived notions about what the company is or is not and we think about how they can transform the company.

Get on the right track

We focus on delivering knowledge, insight and results through the collaborative efforts of a team of experts. Boards and leaders consistently turn to KingramRed to help get their companies on the right track to digital transformation.

For digital transformation to take hold, senior executives must lead and model change. It’s not something that should be outsourced to a team of consultants or insourced to the ‘digital’ team or the innovations team in the basement.  All initiatives or innovations must always be sponsored and driven by the C-Level of the organisation. This is the best way to foster change. We encourage and facilitate leaders to make decisions and take risks, as the biggest risk is doing nothing.

Digital Transformation Strategy

  • 53% of companies have yet to agree a digital transformation strategy at board or senior executive level
  • 47% have agreed