Creating Urgency to power your Digital Future

digital futureDigital Disruption is happening now.  Business sectors, business models, company employees and customers are being disrupted today. It’s not a vague concept on the minds of futurologists. Our research shows that 70% of businesses believe they are being disrupted today and a further 20% will be disrupted by end 2017.

Disruption makes what we do today obsolete.  Whether we’re in the private sector or the public sector we simply cannot ignore the accumulation of powerful forces acting on businesses, on our economies and on society as a whole.  The scale and pace of disruption present significant threats and also significant opportunities if we’re ready to avail of them.

We can already see the growth of new manufacturing and service industries – somebody has to design, build, program, service and maintain the robots, drones, autonomous vehicles and lots of other devices.  We also know that ‘Digitalisation’ is ‘a major jobs driver’ (according to most recent European Skills and Jobs Survey completed by Cedefop).

Whether you’re working in a business, a government agency or department, a national government or a non-governmental organisation here’s a few very important things to think about as you go about ….

  • Having a formal plan is really important – we’ve seen so many great ideas fall by the wayside due to lack of a plan
  • You need dedicated resources for whom Digital Transformation is their Number 1 priority
  • The customer/citizen/patient/etc. is the primary focus of everything you do and all actions and initiatives are centred on him/her
  • Your employees and staff are up for this. They know that the wider organisation needs to change.  Digitalisation is impacting their everyday lives so why would it not impact their working lives?
  • We need to move faster than we have ever moved before….

The biggest challenge of ‘Digitalisation’ is the ability of organisations to move at ‘Digital Speed’.  How are you bringing pace to your organisation? What sense of urgency do you have and how are you communicating this across your organisation?   Find out how prepared you are by participating in our Digital Transformation in Ireland 2017 Report.

2017 Report

This research will help you understand the extent to which your organisation is ready to compete fully in the digital economy.

The survey, which takes 5 minutes to complete, contains questions about the readiness and effectiveness of your leadership team and overall company engagement.   In return for taking part in the research, you’ll receive full access to the resulting research report upon publication.

All answers are strictly confidential.

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