GRPR Readiness Assessment
About the Assessment

Despite the relentless publicity regarding the impending GDPR enforcement dates, many organisations have yet to construct an effective program to protect personal data under their control.

In preparation for the GRPR May deadline we are helping organisations identify and prioritise their work-streams for the coming months.

The assessment, which takes 2 minutes to complete, contains questions about the readiness of your leadership team and overall company engagement in the GDPR requirements.

Results of the assessment will be emailed to you on completion.

All answers are strictly confidential.

GDPR 2018 Countdown

2018/05/25 15:09:47
GDPR Programme Development

Leading companies consistently turn to KingramRed to help get their organisations on the right track to digital transformation. They understand that data privacy and compliance as the cornerstone of any companies digital transformation efforts. We work with companies to help them define their requirements and develop programme that satisfies GDPR compliance now and in the future.

Digital Transformation – First Step Intensive

Aligned, informed and engaged leadership teams are a prerequisite for high performing companies to compete effectively in today’s digital world. Aligning leadership teams around a shared understanding of their day zero starting position coupled with their perspective on the future is the key to developing and transformative strategies for your business.

Digital Transformation Strategy – Kick Start Programme

Our Digital Transformation Strategy Kick Start Programme explores Key Areas for Action uncovered in our Digital Diagnostic Discovery. We explore in detail areas such as the identification of barriers and risks, strategic gaps, initiatives and opportunities. This is then condensed into a conceptual roadmap and a case for action is developed.