Digital Transformation : Where to Start

Aligning the leadership team around current realities in the first step. Aligned, informed and engaged leadership teams are a prerequisite for high performing companies to compete effectively in today’s digital world.  Aligning leadership teams around a shared understanding of their day zero starting position coupled with their perspective on the future is the key to developing and transformative strategies for your business.

Our Kick Start Programme is designed as a short, intensive two week collaborative engagement to uncover insights and get your leadership team aligned and informed about the realities facing their business.
Who Should Attend?

Leadership and senior management executive teams of 1-12 participants.
Goal: Current state discovery

Key Outcome : Clarity around current state position and a high level case for change validating the digital transformation opportunity for you, supported by a prioritization of key areas for action.

The process : 2 week intensive

  • Week One: Digital Diagnostic on current state of challenges and opportunities via Stakeholder and leadership team interviews
  • Week Two: Workshop on findings & key areas for action identified.  Key Areas for Action identified and executive presentation

Key Action Areas

For digital transformation to take hold, senior executives must lead and model change. It’s not something that should be outsourced to a team of consultants or insourced to the ‘digital’ team or the innovations team in the basement. All initiatives or innovations must always be sponsored and driven by the C-Level of the organisation. This is the best way to foster change. We encourage and facilitate leaders to make decisions and take risks, as the biggest risk is doing nothing.  The Key areas the Kick Start Programme covers includes;  Urgency, Planning & Execution, Culture & Communications, Alignment & Awareness, Customer Experience, Employee Skills & Resources and Leadership & Sponsorship.

How to engage us

Following an initial meeting we work with you to scope out the parameters of the engagement working within our tried and tested framework.  Our comprehensive digital diagnostic is customised to suit the particular needs of your business and we decide together the best formats for engaging your leadership team around your most pressing business issues.

Please get in touch with any of our senior partners to discuss how our kick start programme can transform your business today.